Impingement tunnel freezer

Impingement freezer library body internal unique low temperature air flow and air duct make food with the conveyor belt through impingment freezer, the food on the lower surface of the high-speed air flow to the opposite blowing, the surface temperature is rapidly reduced, of the time to complete the rapid freezing of food.
The device is suitable for quick freezing of granular, small and flat foods, such as fish fillet, hamburger Patty, shrimp, etc.

Performance characteristics:

Extreme freezing does not produce large ice crystals, food quality is maximized, thawed fresh as ever.
Food surface quickly hardened, crust, lock the internal moisture, so that frozen goods to a minimum.
Freezing time is very short, low energy consumption during processing.
Freezing effect close to liquid nitrogen spray
The space requirement of the device is smaller than that of the traditional quick-freezing machine.

Technology Features:

Reliable transmission system

◆ The main driver provides all the driving forces necessary to run the conveyor belt around the support and operate the system. New type gear reducer with high efficiency and long service life.
◆ The auxiliary drive is generally used as a tensioning device, which controls the power transmission between the bracket and the conveyor belt, making the net belt run more stable.

High strength mesh belt,full stainless steel structure

◆ High strength mesh belt,full stainless steel structure
◆ Flat mesh belt surface, minimum belt mark on products.
◆ Side guards provide on the belt edge to prevent the products faling off the belt.
◆ Stainless steel sprocket of the conveyor system.

Insulated enclosure with two sided stainless steel skin plate

◆ Insulated enclosure made by the imported PU foaming machine. PU insulated enclosure with two sided stainless steel skin plate, double sealed door with door heater to prevent door from frozen.
◆ The toperator can access inside of spiral freezer to inspect the equipment any time.

Efficient and sanitary evaporator, optimum air flow pattern

◆ The evaporator is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. It is easy to clean and reduce the growth of bacteria.
◆ The design of the variation plate is large, the windward area is large, effectively prevent frost plug and prolong defrost time.
◆ The evaporator adopts the world's most advanced liquid supply method, and the heat exchange efficiency is more than 35% higher than the traditional one.
◆ The tube can be made of stainless steel.
◆ The freezing efficiency is thus improved, and the cold loss at the inlet is minimized.

ADF automatic air defrosting

◆ The air is compressed, dried and filtered to be injected into the energy storage tank by the pressure of 0.6-0.8 MPa.
◆ Mixer gases in storage tanks through electromagnetic valve opening and closing to enter the defrost header inside the quick-freezing machine, manifold nozzle for continuous defrosting of evaporator finned, really achieve the lower costs, continuous uninterrupted production.