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The secret of freshness: rapid freezing, delicious from minus 18 degrees



The method of freezing and preserving food has been circulating for hundreds of years, but the freshness of the food will be different if the frozen quick-freeze is different. From the workshop to the hands of consumers, food must be kept fresh, and every link must be stored in a frozen state. It must be frozen during production by manufacturers, storage and transportation by dealers, display by retailers, and use by consumers. At present, there is a rapid freezing technology on the market. After the fresh food is thawed, the cells will not be damaged, no juice will flow, the color will be bright, and the fresh quality will still be maintained. With this kind of freezing method, the delicious and fresh taste of the food can be maintained. Let's take everyone into this deliciousness from -18℃.

Freezing and refrigeration has become an indispensable part of modern people’s lives. When it comes to freezing, there must be a lot of freezers, freezers of home refrigerators, and then frozen shrimp, frozen fish, frozen chicken, frozen lamb... …There are staleness, poor taste, and long shelf life.

Sometimes, common sense of life is accidentally subverted, freezing a live fish at low temperature, it can be complete! This sounds incredible. After the rapid freezing, just take the fish out and put it in the water, and it will be able to move again after thawing. This "stunning" can only be achieved by rapid freezing. Rapid freezing can not only keep the good freshness of the real thing, but also make it quickly under low temperature conditions without germination and growth and reproduction. It is a pure physical preservation method.