Shrimp peeline line


Dimensions:(length)2856* (width)1860* (hight)2628
Main Materials:stainless steel
Voltage:380V Rate:50Hz
Electricity Box:all-in-one electricity box
Water Pressure:0.6mpa
Whole Machine Gross Weight:around 2 ton
Machine Scope of Application:150 pcs/kg to 40 pcs/kg shrimp with head and headless shrimp
Peeling Rate:95%(rest of 5% needs to be trimmed by human)

Production Advantages

1. Structure of device is novel and reasonable, design is compact, and whole set of equipment has a small footprint.
2. Automation system is strong, with automatic cleaning, automatic transmission, automatic shelling, recycling of processing water and other functions.
3. Equipment maintenance is convenient, maintenance cost is low, and production efficiency is high. A set of automatic peeling machine can produce 250 kg of shrimp per hour, which is equivalent to the labor of 60 workers. The shrimp product has a good yield and low loss rate, making it an ideal choice for modern large and medium-sized shrimp food processing enterprises.
4. Made of stainless steel, all parts and materials meet HACCP hygiene requirements.