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How to use tunnel freezer



Liquid nitrogen is an environmentally friendly and economical freezing and medium in the world so far. With a small initial investment, multiple freezing/production lines that can produce high-quality are created. 5 minutes rapid freezing (in minutes, not hours) means that there is no need to store large quantities Products, greatly shorten the time to market for your products, simple operation, greatly reduce labor and skill requirements for operators, reduce water loss, improve product quality, and increase yield (more products can be operated at the same time), it is easy Is connected to the existing production line, saving space for your factory, saving cleaning time, small installation costs, and low maintenance costs. Adopt liquid quick-freezing refrigeration method, introduce German quick-freezing technology, combine with many domestic aquatic product researches, and configure imported quick-freezing technology. The equipment runs stably, energy saving and environmental protection. It can meet the demand of 24 hours continuous production.
The quick-freezing machine is used for quick-freezing processing of aquatic products (shrimp, fish fillets, squid, scallops) and various frozen foods (dumplings, dumplings, etc.). The all-aluminum alloy evaporator has high heat exchange efficiency, rapid cooling and quick freezing, and the evaporator runs along the steel belt. The direction is arranged, the windward area is large, so it is not easy to form frost, and it can be produced continuously for a long time. The inner and outer brackets of the warehouse are made of stainless steel, and the water frosting series are clean and hygienic.

1. Check before starting

Check the parts of the machine before work, check the moving parts of the parts and add refrigerating oil to the reducer. The oil must be heated for more than 60 minutes before the refrigeration compressor works.

2. Operation after booting

After starting work, pay attention to the operation between the various parts of the machine. If there is an abnormality, shut it down for repair. When starting the compressor, be sure to unload and start the compressor. After pressing the compressor button, you cannot hear the two differences. At this time, the compressor is normal. If only one sound is heard, the compressor should be turned off immediately and repaired by the relevant technician.

3. Special circumstances

If there is an emergency, you can press the "emergency stop" button to prevent the tray from jamming. The conveyor chain must be checked, adjusted and maintained regularly. If an abnormality is found, the machine will be shut down and eliminated. When defrosting, the water will be turned off. It is allowed to stop without any reason, and when starting, turn the button to "0" to start slowly.