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Is the cost of liquid nitrogen quick-freezer high?



The quick-freezing machine is a new type of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment, which can freeze the quick-frozen items to -18° in a short period of time, and quickly pass the ice crystal production zone (0 to -5 degrees) within 30 minutes to reduce nutrition The ingredients are lost, and the original flavor is for the purpose. So, is the cost of liquid nitrogen quick freezing high?

Calculation of the consumption cost of quick-freezing machine

The consumption cost of quick-freezer is mainly divided into two parts, one is the electricity bill, and the other is the consumption of liquid nitrogen. Compared with traditional single freezers, electricity costs are basically negligible. The main consumption cost of liquid nitrogen quick freezing is liquid nitrogen.

1. the basic cost of the quick-freezer

The liquid nitrogen consumption of quick-frozen food is mainly related to the water content, thickness, initial temperature, whether it is packaged or not, and the method; based on theoretical calculations and years of experience at home and abroad, the general liquid nitrogen consumption of quick-frozen 1t products is between 0.5-2t , The consumption of liquid nitrogen per ton of liquid nitrogen for most frozen products is between 1-1.5t. Some companies will deliberately lower the consumption in order to allow customers to access the equipment, but what we want is to let customers have real information to make rational decisions, rather than being misled to get the wrong cost model. We believe that the key for customers to choose liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology is to greatly improve the premium and competitiveness of the customer's product quality, and the small increase in customer costs can be absorbed by the first two.

2. Maintenance cost

Compared with the freezing equipment that uses more traditional compressors in the domestic market, the liquid nitrogen quick freezing equipment has good freezing effect, short time, energy saving, simple and easy operation, and does not require excessive maintenance costs.

3. Comparison of freezing time cost

In the case of an empty liquid nitrogen tank, it can reach -196 in 5 minutes, which can take away heat faster, and can quickly and effectively cool the food, ensuring that the ultra-low temperature and high heat exchange rate achieve real rapid freezing, and the moisture and quality of the food are completely preserved. This rapid freezing produces small ice crystals and helps maintain the original color, flavor and quality of the food. With ordinary freezing equipment, the freezing time is less than 5-6 hours. During this period, the water loss is serious, and the original color, aroma and taste of the food cannot be guaranteed.