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Spiral freezer, save money and trouble



The quick-freezing machine is blown by a variable-frequency axial fan to blow the refrigerated low-temperature air of the evaporator evenly to the surface of the product; this special blowing method allows the cooling capacity to quickly and evenly infiltrate the product, and promote the rapid freezing of the product from the outside to the inside at a high speed. The taste and quality of the product achieve superb results. The drive of the quick-freezer is outside the warehouse, which is convenient for maintenance and food sanitation. It is also equipped with an advanced air curtain system, which can achieve almost no cold leakage at the import and export, reducing unnecessary losses and beneficial to the health of the operators.

1. The key parts and electrical components adopt world-renowned brands;

2. Using advanced air supply technology, it can really realize even air distribution, high freezing efficiency and fast freezing speed;

3. Small area, wide output range;

4. Advanced external drive transmission system, stable operation, sanitary and easy to repair;

5. Advanced transmission system, smooth operation, low sliding friction and low loss;

6. The frequency converter is steplessly adjusted, which can adapt to a variety of frozen product operation processes;

7. Optional automatic cleaning system, saving time and effort, to ensure environmental hygiene and cleanliness;

8. Advanced air curtain technology, almost zero leakage at the import and export;

9. PLC touch screen automatic control system, intelligent control, and process memory function.

Spiral quick freezing is mainly used for: fast freezing of seafood, meat products, poultry products, pastries, vegetables, fruits, ice cream and other foods.