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Quick freezing technology introduction



The quick-freezing machine is suitable for the production of high-value-added food in large-volume, continuous, less humanized and large-scale industrial production mode, such as processing fish and shrimp, shrimp, seafood, river fresh, fresh, meat products, fruits, and seasonings Quick-frozen large quantities of food such as bags, off-season fruits, medicinal materials, etc., can be combined with other food lines to form an automatic line. Food conveying: SUS304 food special conveyor mesh belt, equipped with variable frequency speed control motor, the conveying speed can be flexibly adjusted according to different products; the equipment also has an automatic adjustment device for mesh belt elasticity to ensure the smooth and long-life operation of the food conveyor belt. Liquid nitrogen quick-freezer is suitable for high value-added food such as fresh food, seafood, fish and shrimp, meat, medicinal materials and so on. Suitable for single freezing (IQF) and plate freezing, suitable for internal testing, development and small batch production; small footprint and low energy consumption. In actual production, due to differences in food and process, the actual production capacity may be higher than the preset production capacity. There are more than 10 types of equipment with different sizes and processing capabilities for customers to choose flexibly.

Frozen Food Precautions:

1. Make sure that the adjusted package is stored below -18°C in the freezer. Although the general package product can be guaranteed for 300 days, it is still important to buy first and use it first.

2. If you do not eat it immediately after thawing, it can only be stored in a refrigerated state for one to two days, and refrigeration is not allowed.

3. There is no need to open the package and heat it. High heat for 5 minutes in the microwave. Be sure to cut a vent at a corner, and flush the vent into the microwave for direct heating. Open for three and a half minutes to observe and adjust the heating surface. Just be careful not to let the bag stick to the bottom of the boiled water.