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More compact and more energy-saving, new high-efficiency spiral quick-freezing m



Quick-frozen food is one of the fast-growing food industries in the world today. The processed fresh food is quickly frozen at low temperatures after proper pre-processing and processing, and then stored, transported and sold at minus 18 degrees Celsius or lower. my country is a big producer of quick-frozen food, including resource products such as fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, and grain products.

The spiral quick-freezing machine occupies a small area and can provide the uniform closed circulating air flow required for quick-freezing of superior products.

With the advancement and development of refrigeration technology, people will pay more and more attention to food. In addition, consumption upgrades and people's pace of life will make cheap, convenient and fast food popular, and niche markets will be more segmented. To cope with these, companies must strictly control raw materials, choose small and sophisticated products, develop new products and new processes, and pay attention to the consumption habits and tastes of young people. In other words, it is more profitable to make "specialized products".

This is also a challenge to refrigeration methods, equipment and technology. Whether or not the technical requirements for such products can be guaranteed has become the key to determining the future development of refrigeration equipment companies. "Technology first, products second", where technology can reach, is where innovative products can be brought into play. Without technical support, products will be unsustainable.